In Vino Veritas - _Thorns_
by: Andreas Marouchos (3.5 out of 5)
"In Vino Veritas" is a Latin phrase meaning "there is truth in wine", hinting towards the fact under a certain state induced by alcohol a man exhibits his true inner nature; what would otherwise be hindered while being sober. And very much like so, there is also truth in the pure nature of music, of any kind and temperament, where an artist may divulge a very private part of his consciousness usually indiscernible through other means of expression -- such is the case of this one-man band in question.

Very much influenced by US black metal acts such as Velvet Cacoon and Xasthur, IVV implore entrancing, treble-ridden riffage and hypnotic rhythms (with the bass-drum being high in the mix) to lull the listener into a state of contemplating trance. Although rhythmical monotony and generally that worn feeling of the music do possess their own mesmerising charm, there is still more to be achieved in the way of compositional development so as to add a further dimension to an already attention-grabbing piece of work. To the appropriately tuned ear, In Vino Veritas' _Thorns_ will indeed invoke its intended imagery of desolation and solitude, but for the rest it will ever-remain something instantly dismissible.


(article published 8/9/2006)

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