Tomorrow - _Illusions We Live By_
by: Alex Cantwell (3 out of 5)
Pretty rockin' stuff from these hardcore undergrounders. The riffs are simple but the songs are emotional and good. The vocals are of the raspy variety, but definitely need to be smoothed out and refined. This is a young band who probably has not been playing together for a long time, and as such are a fairly tight unit, but they will need to pay more attention to detail when constructing their songs in the future, methinks. I suppose the way I can summarize their sound is to slap the term "alt-core" out there, and it's really not bad stuff at all. The CD will include two additional tracks and is available for a measly $4 from Tyler Cassley at the address below.

Contact: Tomorrow, 7319 Silver Mead Rd NW,

(article published 10/1/2001)

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