Dernière Volonté - _Devant le Miroir_
(Hau Ruck! / Tesco, 2006)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (7 out of 10)
Geoffroy D. is among the originators, and by now sole ruler of the aptly dubbed "military pop" genre. His project Dernière Volonté has turned out to be quite something -- imagine Depeche Mode in uniform, performing their tracks exclusively in French, to the backdrop of neoclassical arrangements and militant marching rhythm.

Unlike the majority of industrial and ambient projects, Dernière Volonté is easily accessible and the tracks are so well arranged they possess a certain pop appeal. Although _Devant le Miroir_ is not that different from previous efforts such as _Le Feu Sacré_ or _Les Blessures de l'Ombre_, it is nothing short of impressive.

Tracks are mainly mid-paced, melodic and memorable, and entirely keyboard-based. They employ programmed drums and samples, and effectively carry a light dose of French romanticism and darker martial themes -- all adorned by the deadpan voice of Geoffroy, which fits the combination perfectly.

"La Nuit Revient" and "Verbes Fragiles" are clearly a stray into electronic new wave, and might find their way to the playlists of, let's say, Ladytron or Client fans. True, this time round the Dernière Volonté sound is a lot less melancholic and very poppy, but still enjoyable as ever.


(article published 24/2/2007)

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