Destinity - _Synthetic Existence_
(Adipocere, 2005)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6 out of 10)
I remember Destinity basically being weak Cradle of Filth clones with even worse make-up a few years ago. Their last album _In Excelsis Dementia_ introduced some new death metal elements in their sound, and they have now lost their juvenile black metal imagery, which was never any good to begin with, opting for a markedly different real-life approach, with themes hovering around humanity and society. They also had producer Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Hatesphere, Illdisposed) at the helm this time round, and so, against all odds, we seem to be in for some thrashy death metal a la Aborted. I happen to like Aborted, and helped by a strong production job, Destinity initially make a fairly good impression -- until the same old Dimmu Borgir-ish orchestral keyboards unexpectedly come in, a flat blastbeat replaces any semblance of interesting drumming, and they completely lose me.

Jarring as it might be, I tried to give the album a chance -- even after realizing they also used some clean vocals much like Arcturus (try to keep in mind the songs mostly have an Aborted-like sound and style while you read this). Anyway, the album was still in its early stages, and even though the good bits I was hearing weren't exactly original, it was still miles better than their (entirely different) earlier material. You see, these guys have improved; these days they can actually deliver some decent metal and several rather engaging riffs. Strangely, while originality still isn't their thing, they have created one weird monster here that I doubt anyone has done before in quite the same way. Poor judgement and lack of originality hamper the album to a great extent, but this time at least there's plenty of competent material here. Now if only they could focus their efforts into something more consistent and less derivative next time, Destinity might finally get on the right path.


(article published 31/10/2005)

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