Inquisition - _Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer_
(No Colours Records, 2004)
by: T. DePalma (4 out of 10)
Without satisfying every aspect one might hope to expect based on previous works, Inquisition's latest effort aims for a more unifying, hypnotic sound by blending the theory of electronic music in combination with black metal. That formula of minimalist reproduction has and will work again in the future, but it does not here. The change is not drastic; Inquisition still sound like Inquisition, but what _MGoL_ delivers is only a briefly atmospheric album of run down composition and upgraded cover artwork.

Putting aside the band's knack for mixing black and heavy metal riffing, these tracks flow in a thread of relentless and repetitive verse of almost evangelical simplicity, with just enough distinction and shift of the tempo to keep things interesting for a time. Among them, "Baptized in Black Goat Blood", "Crush the Prophet" and "Under the Black Inverted Pentagram" still enthrall, bringing characteristic eerie sensation in the breaks and most of all guitarist Dagon's unique and mesmerizingly spoken vocal style.

The more traditional metal influence is still here, but much more mundane (as on tracks four and five), weakening the momentum built at the start, which is finally stamped out as we come to the lengthy instrumental, "Outro". In the end it doubles as a perfect summary for the other half of this album, an immemorable trial of minutes with all too sparse moments of real instigation; in gradual lose of palpable oomph. After hearing the finished product, I'm content to sit with the _Unholy Inquisition Rite_ MCD released earlier this year, which shares three (rough mixes) of _MGoL_'s better tracks.


(article published 10/1/2005)

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