Intrinsic - _Closure_
(Independent, 1995)
by: Brian Meloon (5 out of 10)
Intrinsic are an unsigned band from Phoenix, Arizona. _Closure_ certainly is a competent and serious offering, but it really lacks any unique style or focus to really set it apart from the throngs of unsigned metal bands. Their main style seems to be a variant of that hardcore/Pantera style that is so popular, but upon inspection of the whole album, I heard parts that sounded like country, rap, old fashioned rock'n'roll, industrial, and even funk. In fact, I kept getting the feeling as I was listening to it "hey, that really sounds like Black Sabbath (with Dio singing)," or "that really sounds like Memento Mori," etc. However, it is worth noting that there isn't a predominant influence that I could discern. There are a multitude of different vocal styles employed, from shouted to distorted to melodic, and many different feels, all set within the constraints of (usually) standard song structures. All of this makes for a 15-track album that really offers up too many styles, and not enough individual feel or coherence. Although it is well produced and well played, that alone isn't sufficient to set it apart from the pack.

(article published 11/10/1996)

8/12/1996 A Bromley 6 Intrinsic - Closure
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