Ingrowing - _Suicide Binary Reflections_
(Obscene, 2001)
by: Kirsty Buchanan (6 out of 10)
Prague truly is the home of absinthe. Nothing but a hallucinogenic alcohol could have spawned this wonder of auditory punishment. The Czech Republic is in my mind now a place I must go. If not for the scenery and alcohol, to discover what could have produced this little wonder. I don't think it can be put better than in the promo: "hyper technical grindcore fury that explodes in yer face like a container full of corrosive alien pus". I'm not sure who they paid to say that, but they certainly know their stuff. This is true extreme grindcore. The outstanding thing is not just the music, but the amazingly shocking translation of quite clearly originally bizarre lyrics. "Binary reflections let distort the reality to postmortal surreality", but nothing rivals my favourite lyric of all time: "demodeous -- I am nasty joke of master of gloomagic". Wormwood is clearly a strong influence, but that's no bad thing. Nor is it wrong to be amused at the various band members committing comedy suicide on the front cover (the best is attempting to swallow a chainsaw).


(article published 12/8/2001)

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