Imperial Sodomy - _Tormenting the Pacifist_
(Criminal, 2001)
by: Kirsty Buchanan (6 out of 10)
My ears, my beautiful youthful ears! Do not torment me any longer! I cried and then I listened to this again, and again and again. Not normally a big fan of this style of hard hitting metal, I was dubious at first and then suddenly an epiphany. I have only heard one thing this year that rivals this release for strength of sound and pure metal energy. This is clearly evident in "Violence", which although not up on a par with the likes of Immolation, it is quite clearly a demonstration of the life in the band. The drumming throughout is impressive, but is absolutely outstanding on "Dead Wishes" and "Lobotomised". Ceaseless, intense and powerful. They impress greatly, this release grew on me like mould on cheese: first on the surface, then deeper to the very veins. I am astounded that this is the first I have heard of Imperial Sodomy and wish for them to go on to greater things. They are clearly a band that deserve some commercial recognition for output such as this.

(article published 12/8/2001)

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