Humectant Interruption / MO:TE - _Rest Stop Entrapment_
(Uncut, 1998)
by: Gabriel Sanchez (7.5 out of 10)
Once again I find myself listening to another recording from one of Japan's more unsung noise artists MO:TE and now-fellow Michigander noisehead Joel St. German's project Hemectant Interruption. What is offered on this split release is both artists using source sounds provided by the other in order to produce two separate and lengthy pieces of sound that fluctuate from ear piercingly harsh to surreal moments of sub-bass ambiance. HI's side is a mixture of both these techniques, letting out a quick assault of sound mixed in with a constant "buzzing" effect. This track slides in and out of the realm of being harsh, and while it brings nothing amazing to the table, it certainly leaves no room for complaints. MO:TE's side is a tad bit more assaulting on the senses and focuses less on any attempts to add major dynamic sounds, but instead keeps the listener entranced with a mix of rhythmic pulsations and swirling attacks of sound. Once again, MO:TE's side offers nothing in the realm of being particularly amazing, but placing it up with the usual output of this artist, it certainly is on the good standard that all of his work lives up to. If anything, this release offers the more ambitious noise fan a chance to check out two very unsung artists in the field today, both from Japan and the United States, and unlike so much noise being produced today, holds very little to complain about or grow bored with. Recommended.

Contact: Uncut, 56 Takahisa Yoshikawa-shi, Saitama 342-0035, Japan

(article published 16/1/1999)

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