Clutching the Last Orange
The Classic Titles Never Die
by: Adam Wasylyk
Where to begin on something from so long ago which still remains so meaningful?

What started as a simple e-mail submission to CoC's letter section became the first brick in a foundation that would become a ten-year odyssey towards promoting the music I had come to love and hold dear. Meeting Gino Filicetti and Adrian 'The Energizer' Bromley for the first time in 1996 at a Clutch/Orange 9MM show not only introduced me to two of Toronto's most passionate metal fans but marked my first opportunity to see Adrian's incredible talent to schmooze (I got into the show for free, somehow). I remember leaving that night thinking I wanted to be more deeply involved in the scene and work alongside them; their energy inspired me to roll up my sleeves and help promote both local bands and those I loved from around the world.

It's hard to believe that twenty years have passed. While I've (temporarily) lost touch with some dear friends of mine from CoC they have never been far from my thoughts. Too many fond memories to recall, yet I would be remiss not to call one out in particular: 1997, Milwaukee Metal Fest, photo pit at the foot of the stage with Gino and Steve, witnessing Absu perform songs off their recent _Third Storm of Cythraul_ LP. I still can't listen to "Swords and Leather" and "Highland Tyrant Attack" and stop grinning like an idiot, being transported nearly twenty years into the past to a moment I'll never forget. That's just one of many memories that I'll always cherish and fondly look back upon.

I'm sure wherever Adrian is he's raising a cold beer and devil horns to celebrate what we were all a part of -- the best heavy metal e-zine of all time. And that ain't bias if it's the truth.

(article submitted 12/8/2015)

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