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29/3/2015 P Schwarz 1349 Trigger the Boredom
24/3/2014 P Schwarz Conan / Opium Lord / Bismuth Entranced at Death: They Will Destroy
23/12/2013 A El Naby Scarab / Anarchy A Scriptorium of Death in the Valley of the Nile
1/12/2012 P Schwarz Karma to Burn / Desert Storm / Diesel King Don't Talk, Communicate
1/12/2012 P Schwarz Pentagram / Gentleman's Pistols Play for All Your Sins
1/11/2011 D Lake The Devin Townsend Project / The Ocean / Rome Apart Ziltoid Invasion, Good Vibrations
19/4/2011 K Sarampalis Ulver / Virus / Zweizz The Wolves Appear on Stage
28/3/2011 J Carbon Rotting Christ / Melechesh / Abigail Williams / Lecherous Nocturne / The Ziggurat The Gates of Sumeria
28/3/2011 J Carbon Agalloch / Worm Ouroboros / Vindensang / Aeriel Ruin The Gods in Ruins
6/3/2011 J Carbon Finntroll / Ensiferum / Barren Earth / Rotten Sound Finnish Pride Parade
8/12/2010 P Azevedo Katatonia / Before the Rain Relativity
14/2/2010 A Breaker Ramesses Busking for Blood
26/9/2009 P Schwarz /
C Burton /
A Lineker
Bloodstock Open Air 2009 The Blood on the Stocks Is Ours
17/8/2009 P Schwarz Bloodstock Open Air 2008 Yo Blood, It Ain't So Stock!
16/8/2009 J Smit Crimson Tears / Hadez / Karmalener / Kopperhed Four-Way Diablo
30/7/2009 D Cairns Nine Inch Nails / Jane's Addiction / Mew Going Down t'Spiral
29/5/2009 P Azevedo Anathema / Oblique Rain / Leafblade Sunset of Age Is Still Far Away
8/5/2009 P Williams Motorhead / Arch Enemy / Opeth / Chimaira / August Burns Red / Nervecell / Hatred / Scarab Dubai Desert Rock Festival 2009
30/3/2009 Z Zf Amon Amarth / Obituary / Legion of the Damned / Keep of Kalessin An Awesome But Imperfect Monday Outing...
30/1/2009 A Lineker Kreator / Caliban / Eluveitie / Emergency Gate Monday Night Moshcore Lite (and other stories)
3/12/2008 C Burton Enslaved There Is a Sound Made by Boiling Blood
1/9/2008 J Ulrey The Melvins / Big Business It's a Killer She's a Killer Maker
22/8/2008 A Erickson Wacken Open Air 2008 W:O:A 2008
6/7/2008 J Smit The Cavalera Conspiracy / Hostile From the Past Comes the Storms
11/6/2008 P Schwarz Cryptopsy "I Don't Give a Fuck If You Hate Me"
11/6/2008 J Smit Ministry / Pythia Adios Muchacho
11/6/2008 A Lineker Opeth / Arch Enemy / Devildriver / 3 Inches of Blood Before the Watershed
11/5/2008 P Schwarz Textures Drawing Circles With the Shortest Straw
11/5/2008 J Smit Vader / Septic Flesh / Devian Pedigree Butchery
25/2/2008 J Smit Despised Icon / Misery Index / Beneath the Massacre / Annotations of an Autopsy Bent Backwards and Broken
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