Chronicles of Chaos Ceremoniously Closes its Chapter
by: Gino Filicetti (1995-)
I've been struggling for a few days now on how to start this piece and I realized as I write this editorial that Chronicles of Chaos today, at twenty, is older than I was when starting it at eighteen years of age.
And Now for Something Completely Different
by: Pedro Azevedo (1997-)
Twenty years have passed since August 12th, 1995. For eighteen and a half of those years, I have been part of something that ends today. Welcome, then, to the end of Chronicles of Chaos.
Date By
12/8/2015 P Azevedo And Now for Something Completely Different
12/8/2015 G Filicetti Chronicles of Chaos Ceremoniously Closes its Chapter
13/12/2010 G Filicetti Weathering the Wicked
12/8/2009 P Azevedo 14
13/12/2008 G Filicetti Adrian Bromley
12/8/2008 P Azevedo Happy Thirteenth, CoC
12/8/2007 G Filicetti The Ageless 'Zine Carries On
4/2/2007 G Filicetti Going From Strength to Strength
12/8/2006 P Azevedo Not Yet CoC's Eleventh Hour
29/1/2006 G Filicetti A New Year Strikes Again
12/8/2005 G Filicetti Ten Years Gone By...
16/2/2005 P Azevedo Beyond the Aesthetic
31/7/2004 G Filicetti Another Year Passes Us By
14/3/2004 P Azevedo Year One, Part Two
4/7/2003 G Filicetti Improvements and Introductions
21/4/2003 G Filicetti New and Noteworthy
14/3/2003 G Filicetti Tour Dates

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